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Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar
Writers Theatre
325 Tudor Court Glencoe

Shakespeare's masterpiece of power and conspiracy, friendship and betrayal, stands as the greatest political drama ever written. Caesar has made Rome the world's most powerful Empire through his brilliant military strategies, and upon his return from.... Read More

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Fantasy Island For Dummies
Trap Door Theatre
The Room
A Red Orchid Theatre
A Life Extra Ordinary
The Gift Theatre
Fish Eye
The Frontier
How We Got On
The Den Theatre
The Memory of Water
Piccolo Theatre
Under The Gun Theater
Ubu the King
Chopin Theatre
Those the River Keeps
Jedlicka Performing Arts Center
Factory Theater
Dog Night
North Lakeside Cultural Center
Thee Trinity
Royal George Theatre
   Performance Spotlight
Hand In Hand

Fighting Or Flirting? "Intimacy Design" in Hand to Hand

Playgoers might be startled to see "violence/intimacy design" listed in the playbill for Akvavit Theatre's production of Hand in Hand. For centuries, the extent of sex-on-stage training for actors was learning how to kiss while facing the audience,.... Read More
The Promise of a Rose Garden

Semper Fi, Ladies! Babes With Blades Train with the USMC in Promise of a Rose Garden

Popular myth dictates that the "few good men" of the United States Marines, being trained in combat to the exclusion of other skills, spend most of their off-duty time in recreational activities based on perfecting their battle readiness, whether.... Read More